Creative Work

Behind the Cloak

Michelle A

I am me
I’m not who you think I am,
who you want me to be
I am the girl with the dream
the girl who wants to
and will exceed expectations;
you need to look past the cloak you see,
and see me—the real me—
the one who dreams I will do this
I believe in second chances
I know there’s hope
you don’t
where’s your passion?
your passion for fashion
your knick for knacking
your drums for tapping
where are you?
I see your cloak
the girl hidden in her clothes
the boy buried by his sports
I see that cloak
I know there’s more
you are you
there’s more to you than
that cloak you hide behind
more than the passion
more than me
more than fashion
more than sports
more than grades
behind the covers
It’s YOU

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