Creative Work

Beyond the Music

Melinda Williams & Don Fay

They say your music touches lives,
speaks to youth,
changes minds.
They say your sermon-songs
tell them more than preachers,
teachers who stand barren
of guitar and melody.
They say you have a gift.

I have a message from God for you.
Judges 3:20b (NIV)

I say
you have a God
who lives within you
and speaks in your voice,
who fills you
until there is no denying
the music,
who rides upon each note
as it drifts into the canyons
of waiting souls.

I say
you have a love
that is real and true,
and even if your voice were silent,
your hands
that love would still burn through.

I say
you have a thousand hearts
that you wrap in music
and offer
whole and complete
to those you meet,
a life source to spirits dying,
struggling for breath,
hoping for resurrection.

I say
you have the light
and it shines beyond your music,
beneath your every word,
behind your every action.

They say
you have a gift,
I say
we have been gifted
by God
through you,
I say, “Thank you” —
and I know

—Melinda Williams
for Bryan Sirchio and Christopher Grundy



Let me sing, Lord.
Give me words
to free the feelings of my heart.
Let me sing, Lord.
Give me words
to ease the swelling in my soul.
Let me sing, Lord.
Give me words
to share the hope of
everlasting life.

—Don Fay

—from devozine (January/February 2004). Copyright © 2003 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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