Creative Work

But You Choose to Be Human

Numica De Silva

Dear Lord,

How can I be so ruthless and selfish?
When you gave up your all, for me
Each moment you spent in pain for me
I deceived you with my sin

Your suffering was for my benefit
You blood was shed in my name
You suffered the pain to make me live
For a world without sin

You could have given it up
or gone through it as a God
But you choose to be Human, choose to feel humanity
Take all the pain just being a simple human, for me

That is why you are the Greatest, my Lord
You know how it is to be us, to be human
With that experience you know how we react
And because of it, you have gotten closer to me

Please Father, my ever loving Lord
I pray let me be strong for you
Let me be your sword, fill me up with your power
So that I may be your weapon of choice

Help me to be a stronger child of yours
Who you could depend on
Who can be used for your War
To kill the devil and free your people

Father equip me to be the person
You want me to be
Give me the experience and exposure
to build up your Army

I surrender my all to you
And I let go of all my boundaries
That tie me to earthly desires
Just be with me and lead me in your grace


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