Creative Work

Cry of My Heart

Zachary Letourneau

Lord, my heart belongs to you
Cleanse me, make me whole and new
Love me, lead me, hold me close
Bring your son and Holy Ghost
Guard my heart and guide my thoughts
Love me when I just cannot

Keep me from the enemy
The one who wishes harm on me
Bless me in my grief and strife
I give to you all of my life
Remind me, Lord, in all my pain
To you be all the glory gained

Don’t forget me when I wander
Lord, give me grace and let me ponder
May I think on all these things
The gifts, the good, the happenings
Mold me, shape me like the clay
Father, find me where I lay

Lift me up and take me home
Right next to you where I belong
Your love for me, it never fails
It brings me in and fills my sails
Bless me, keep me, guard my heart
Hear me when my words fall short

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