Creative Work

The Fence

Carol Bradfield

“Dad, can I go outside the fence today?
I really want to go out there and play.”
“No, son. We’ve talked about this before.
Please listen to me and don’t ask anymore.”

I don’t understand, the young man thought
why he won’t let me do what I think I ought.
I know he’s warned me of dangers and sin,
but I think he just wants to keep me in.

So, when Dad wasn’t looking, he opened the gate.
He walked away and did not hesitate.
In town, he was welcomed with open arms
and gave in to promising words and charms.

Later, feeling trapped, betrayed, and in pain,
he wanted to shed his guilt and his shame.
He thought, If I can get back inside the fence,
I’ll be safe and secure; my life will make sense.

He found his way home and walked through the gate.
He looked at the fence, no longer with hate.
He saw the freedom in its safety and care
and gave thanks for the love that had put it there.

—from devozine (July/August 2006). Copyright © 2006 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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