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Forgive Me, God

“Dear God, I did it again. I sinned. Do you get tired of my falling into the same old ways over and over?”

In today’s devo, Leah Bryan writes a letter to God, admitting her mistakes and asking for forgiveness — again!

devozine Letter FTR TS 122567846


If you are carrying around a lot of guilt or shame, know that God loves you and wants to forgive you. Read Romans 8:31-39, and be assured that NOTHING can separate you from the love of God. Then talk with God or write a letter, as Leah did. Be honest about your mistakes and about your desire for God’s forgiveness.

Then close your letter or your prayer as Leah did — with love and gratitude:

“Thank you, God, for your never-ending forgiveness and patience. I don’t deserve your pardon, but I am grateful for your grace and mercy.

          With all of my love and devotion,
          Your child


Feel free to post your letter to God below or as a prayer in our Creative Work section so that the devozine community can be encouraged by your honesty and can hold you in our prayers.

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