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Paige Parks & Donny Ingraham

Ashamed and guilty,
I crawl, broken, to the throne,
hiding my face,
hoping not to expose my sin,
as if I could keep it from you.
I have been seduced by other things.
Lifeless treasures filled my emptiness—
but only for a short time.
I wish I could have stayed true,
for you have always provided for me.
I pour out my shame at your feet,
an offering of tears.
I wait for speedy justice,
condemning me to darkness.
But you smile;
and just like that, your grace is given.
You have provided for me again.
My favorite things surround me:
the scent of apples,
the leaves of autumn,
the laughter of friendship,
the warmth of sunshine.
Perhaps you have been hinting at grace all along,
writing a beautiful letter of forgiveness
that you recite to me day by day.
But sometimes I am not the best audience;
I do not acknowledge your goodness.
Still you overwhelm me with persistence
and my heart belongs to you.

—Paige Parks, 18


PRAYER: Despite my shortcomings, you have accepted me. You look beyond my faults, know my secrets, love me as I am. You have washed me clean, making me special, counting me among the chosen, offering me life when death is deserved. Thank you, God.

—Donny Ingraham

—from devozine (September/October 2015). Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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