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I Care About You

Sudha Khristmukti

I’m not here to judge you.
I’m here to listen
to what you need to say.
I’m not here to blame you;
I’m here so you can talk with me
about what you are going through.
I’m not here to accuse and ask,
“What’s wrong with you?”
I’m here to understand.
I may not know how best to ease your load,
but I’m here so that you are not alone.
I’m not here to offer judgments
about rights or wrongs
or to question you.

Follow the way of love.
1 Corinthians 14:1a (NIV)

I’m here simply to be with you
when things are not going
as you wish they would.
I’m not here to pry;
I am interest in your life,
in what happens to you.
I’m here because
I care about you.
I’m here because you mean the world to me.
But most of all, I’m here because
I love you more than I can say.


ACT ON IT: The next time you’re with a friend who has done something wrong, fight the urge to judge. Instead, use a line from this poem to show that you care and to help you “follow the way of love.”


—from devozine (May/June 2009). Copyright © 2009 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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