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Elaine Creasman

Lord, I’ve been thinking about bullies today.
Even though they’re mean and hurt others so much,
does their bullying begin when people are cruel to them?
Is it possible they pass along what they’ve received?
What would happen if I stopped ignoring or deploring them
and offered love as an answer to the hate they spout?
Would the ridicule end? Would they renounce their ways?
Could love help them see the trap they’re in
of hurting others because they’ve been hurt?
It seems we are all one step away from being bullies.
Even the best of us are bullies at some point.
Today I don’t want to see bullies as hopeless cases.
I want to see them as people Jesus loves
and challenges me to love.
Even as Jesus was bullied on the cross,
he said, “Father, forgive them.”
Will you help me, Lord, to love bullies?
Even if it doesn’t change them,
I know that loving them will change me.


END YOUR PRAYER WITH A SONG: When I think of bullying, the song “Bars and Melody—Hopeful” always encourages me. May it give you hope today.

—from devozine (September/October 2015). Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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