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Christina Spaeth, 20

I read the Gospels, and what do I remember?
Not the names or the places,
not every single Beatitude,
and especially not the genealogy of Christ.
What I remember are the miracles:
turning water into wine
healing the sick
giving sight to the blind
making the lame walk
feeding thousands
raising the dead
and dying for us, that we may live.
I’m told they’re just stories,
that none of them actually happened,
that they only make silly Christians feel better.
Christina & bro 1959358_10201507620284333_1801036004_nBut I look around, and I know that miracles are real.
I see my brother, who was supposed to die nine years ago;
but God had other plans. I still have my brother.
I remember the day he got married.
I cried tears of joy as he danced with his new wife.
I remember the day my nephew was born,
when he took his first steps,
when he first said my name.
I see a family who loves me
and friends I can count on.
This morning,
I woke up
and I knew for sure that
miracles aren’t just once upon a time.

Photo courtesy of Christina Spaeth

—from devozine (January/February 2015). Copyright © 2014 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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