Creative Work

On the Streets

Matthew Gattie

Sad gray running into neon lights,
I walk the city streets at night
in search of signs of life behind
the veil of life, so cold and blind
People’s faces, a darkened shade
From high above the lights cascade,
Though no one sees the homeless pain
On top the heated sewer main
But suddenly my sight grows dim
The city sounds a hollow din
The streetlights now drown out the stars,
No wind or sound of roaring cars
Something special I see in the night
A small girl easing a poor man’s plight
She places a dollar in the palm of his hand,
Exchanges a smile with the heart of the man
But Mother pulls the girl away,
Scolds her and looks the other way
Still it’s enough, hope is alive
if only for next year’s deprived
But as I walk the vision fades,
The city sounds again pervade
Across the street a siren cries
As another of the city dies
and in the streets the car horns blare
From up above the streetlights glare
While on the curb with hand out cast,
Another angered soul looks past
So cold sometimes the city seems,
Remote from all life’s hopeful dreams
it’s hard to watch, the fruits of wrath,
Rainy day on the beaten path.


PRAY for the homeless, and look for ways to add feet to your prayers.

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