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NovDec 2019

  • (un)Certain
  • Better Together
  • Failure
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Alyssa Pauline Rivera

In my secret life,
I am weak.
I curl up like a baby
and cry for the shallowest reason.
I am emotionally battered.
I reflect on my…

08/22/19 at 02:08 PM

Painting as Worship

Addie Williams

One of the ways I glorify God is through art. I like to paint myself…

08/06/19 at 01:58 PM

Listen to God’s Lyrics

K. S. Hardy

Between every beat
there is a pause,
a moment of rest,
a moment of quiet,
a time when
the heart…

08/05/19 at 01:27 PM

Listen for the Truth

Crystal Mazzuca

How do we silence the lies
that tell us we aren’t good enough,
the voices that say it’s all our fault,
that no one cares?
The lies seem so true.
They make us hurt…

07/22/19 at 01:47 PM

Traveling Together

Amy Treece

The man on the corner looks tired and worn.
I walk past him every day on my way to school,
       and again as I make my way…

07/07/19 at 01:22 PM


Donny Ingraham

We need a holiday
free from remembering pain
I’m tired of remembering the fallen
people dying for no reason
fighting to achieve equality
We need a…

06/21/19 at 01:27 PM

devozine gum-wrapper-trash-art21 devozine gum-wrapper-trash-art21

Be Creative

How does scripture connect with your life?

Where do you see the messages of scripture in the world around you?


06/11/19 at 05:00 PM

Listening In The Silence

Tynea Lewis

The quiet fills my heart,
Giving me a chance
To really listen.
What I hear
I must obey and follow.
The courage I…

06/03/19 at 11:47 AM


Veronica Paver & Jacquelin Fritz

Pressure grows like bricks on my back.
My true identity feels under attack,
trying to fit into the world’s mold
without losing my strong hold
on what I believe.
Why is it so hard…

05/25/19 at 02:19 PM


Von Mitchell

I am a sinner saved by grace.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
I am dying outward daily.
My soul shall never fade.

From dust to keep me humble,
like him to give me…

05/23/19 at 06:38 PM

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