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Donny Ingraham

We need a holiday
free from remembering pain
I’m tired of remembering the fallen
people dying for no reason
fighting to achieve equality
We need a…

06/11/18 at 09:27 AM

Color pencils Color pencils

Art as a Witness

How does your creativity reflect God’s love? How can you witness through your art?

05/30/18 at 11:40 AM

If I Believe . . .

Craig Mitchell

If I believe
that Jesus
was God,
I can believe
that God stepped in
to change our…

05/16/18 at 01:59 PM

devozine Dandelions Ftr TSP 120798584 devozine Dandelions Ftr TSP 120798584

Where Have You Seen God?

Since we are focusing on the “I See You” theme, we would like to know:…

05/12/18 at 09:16 AM

See Yourself in God’s Eyes

Claire Smith, 16

The girl in the mirror is smiling now,
no longer just a girl who’s been knocked down.
She’s your daughter in Christ, a beautiful person;
and now she understands that she’s worth…

05/10/18 at 01:41 PM

Me in the Mirror

Christina Spaeth, 16

in the mirror.
All I see
I hate.
My own worst enemy.

Hair too…

04/25/18 at 11:45 AM

Hope Lost

Lanny Farmer

I’ve lost all hope and lost all heart.
My days are walking in the dark.
Depression makes me want to hide
and conjures thoughts of suicide.

To take my life and leave this…

03/22/18 at 11:53 AM

God’s Wonderful Creation: A Villanelle

Estela Canama

In a place of comfort and relaxation
Gentle breeze calms the senses
Behold the beauty of God’s creation

A panorama of mountainous region
The beauty of newly bloom lavenders
In a place of comfort…

03/18/18 at 06:38 PM

devozine Dejected-Teen-FTR-TS-89323689.jpg devozine Dejected-Teen-FTR-TS-89323689.jpg


Elaine Creasman

Father, I don’t want to cut anymore.
But right now I’m feeling tempted.
I long to…

03/15/18 at 03:12 PM


Misty L. Butler

Deliberately, you look at me
and don’t like what you see.
You analyze and criticize
and judge how I should be.
You patronize my shape, my size—
I’m not the look you…

03/14/18 at 08:03 AM

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