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NovDec 2018

  • Healing the Hate
  • Depression
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Life as Prayer

K.S. Hardy

Make your life a prayer,
each day a giving,
each day a sacrifice,
each day a worship.
Live your life
so that those…

10/18/18 at 11:44 AM


Elaine Creasman

Lord, too often I feel
it’s my decision
to choose
the course of my life.
Today I need to ask,
“What is your…

10/16/18 at 04:30 PM

Make Your Life a Prayer

Alyssa Pauline Rivera, 23

When I fold my hands and close my eyes,
When I lift my hand and sing to God,
When I help someone in need or pain,
When I stare at the sky…

10/15/18 at 11:53 AM


Veronica Paver & Jacquelin Fritz

Pressure grows like bricks on my back.
My true identity feels under attack,
trying to fit into the world’s mold
without losing my strong hold
on what I believe.
Why is it so hard…

09/26/18 at 02:19 PM


Emily Doll

My thick purple frames provide the necessary shield,
a distance, a buffer between me and the world.
My deep green eyes—the only part of me I like—
can safely hide and remain…

09/24/18 at 11:54 AM


Elizabeth Green, 16

Technicolor skies at night,
cities’ dawn till morning’s light,
only the moon far up above—
where are the stars I used to love?
Though once their glory shown so bright,
they’re blotted out by…

09/19/18 at 01:22 PM

Listen for the Truth

Crystal Mazzuca

How do we silence the lies
that tell us we aren’t good enough,
the voices that say it’s all our fault,
that no one cares?
The lies seem so true.
They make us hurt…

09/03/18 at 11:47 AM


Misty Butler

When you look at her, what do you see?
An average girl too plain to be
the smiling, crowned homecoming queen,
just someone in between?
A girl with average hair and eyes,
with no…

08/23/18 at 02:37 PM


Alice Loader

Nowhere is lonelier than a place of silent shame.
The hope I knew is crushed and gone. I am no more the same.
Music plays, children laugh, and people plan their…

08/15/18 at 01:31 PM

Prayer for Truth

Adrian Agachi

Why do I love lies instead of you,
the almighty Truth?
I dare not say, for if I start to speak,
I might lie again; and your silence
would be unbearable.
I ask in…

07/30/18 at 01:50 PM

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