Creative Work

Precious Child

Olivia Piazza

Child of God,
don’t you love me so?
Why do you doubt me?
Listen to the wise, as you shall be taught wisdom.
Child, I’m right here next to you. I love and care for you.
Let me in to your life. I will send my angels down from heaven,
and they will watch over you. They will protect you. I will protect you.

Daughter of the Lord,
Don’t fall into your own desires.
For they will only make you selfish.
Daughter hear me out,
you shall not fall into deep depressions,
don’t take your life, don’t shed your blood.
I have already done that for you.
I paid the price for you.
I shed my blood on my cross for you, because I love you so much, I wanted to die for your sins.
Come to me.
You dont have to do what I have already done.
Love me.

Friend of God,
Don’t you love me?
Aren’t I your most desired friend?
Darling, I love you so. I will always be there for you.
Look at me! I’m sitting right next to you!
I’ll never leave your side! NEVER!
I care about you too much to throw you away.
Your other “friends,” Olivia …
They will betray you, as Judas betrayed me.
But I will never leave you.

Yes child,
I hear your cries and your pleas for help.
Oh child, you don’t have to worry, don’t be afraid.
Your father is here, right next to you.
You are blessed and loved so,
oh child, won’t you come and follow me?

Signed The Alpha

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