Creative Work

Prideful of my Fear


Why have I created this pain around me?
All I feel is my dwelling misery.
Inside my heart, my flesh brings me under.
I know this familiar crack of rolling thunder.
When my tears rain down my face, while in disgrace,
Each tear drops, leaving a reflection.
I can’t bear to look, so I try to look away.
I refuse to admit, so I try to justify.
I try to run guilt, and I lead myself alone to stray,
Until I’m left cornered, and I surrender and cry.
It’s because of our loving who understands our fear.
Eventually I am humbed and have no reason hide.
I’m responsible for my actions, therefore I will change my ways.
Though I’ll never be perfect, I ask God every day.
Please, Lord, help me! When my heart starts to lean away.
Give me peace and joy through my daily life.
I’m only a human being made to make mistakes!
Though I know my heart’s desire,
My pride will bring me down like a roaring fire.

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