Creative Work


Alice Loader

Nowhere is lonelier than a place of silent shame.
The hope I knew is crushed and gone. I am no more the same.
Music plays, children laugh, and people plan their day.
My skin feels numb, my heart is dull, my eyes see only gray.
I shrink within; I am not here. I must not be seen.
Adults cast a scathing glance. She’s such a sulky teen!
No one knows the stench in here, the stink of putrid hate.
Abuse has had its way with me and left me to my fate.
The only person I could trust is someone just like me,
who’s stood in this same place and made it out, now free.
But if my life is to go on, I guess I need to find
an outlet for the pain I feel and some real peace of mind.
I’m standing at a crossroads now. I have to make a choice.
Do I stay silent from now on, or do I find my voice?

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