Creative Work

Who is This Man?

Rachel Beksak

Stop, stop, you’re hurting me
why the pain and suffering?
These voices call out my name
keep telling me that I’m to blame
I don’t understand, what did I do
all I wanted was to be loved by you.

I give up, I’m done trying
what’s the point of living when I feel like dying?
I sit and think, but now it’s time
I take my life and end what’s mine.

I drift away, but then I see
a bunch of lights surrounding me
new voices yell and call my name
some whispering it’ll be ok.
I see a man I do not know
he takes my hand and never lets go.
I see tears stream down his face
his blood pouring into my veins

I’m so confused, who can this be
Why would this man want to save me?
He reaches up and grabs my heart,
says, “I’m giving you a brand new start.”

I start to tremble and shake with fear
but then he whispers in my ear,
“Do not be afraid, my dear son,
I love you more than anyone.”

I wake up and look around
the man is nowhere to be found.
I start to wonder, how can this be
who is the man that rescued me?
all of a sudden I start to cry,
I realize that I almost died.
He is the man that took the knife,
Jesus Christ… He saved my life.

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