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Hunger No More

Veronica Paver, 16

I feel…

Hunger No More

Veronica Paver, 16

I feel empty,
My stomach isn’t growling,
but my heart is crying out for more.
My soul begs to be…

02/13/19 at 01:48 PM

Counting Streetlights

Elizabeth Green, 15

I wrap my sleeping bag around me
tighter, trying to block out the cold.
The park bench grates against my back,
bringing me back to the bitter night.
The sky above is full…

02/11/19 at 01:09 PM

New Year Prayer

Lydia Grace, 19

I resolve to live more fully in 2019,
each day brighter, more purposeful,
full of faith and not of fear.
Give me courage to accept life’s adventures
and faith to avoid second…

12/31/18 at 08:01 PM

Live in the Light

Aidan Gscheidle, 18

Swept away by the morning tide,
darkness runs a race as I watch the sunrise
and the beauty of infinite
sweet second chances
is fully realized.
As I consider the…

12/27/18 at 11:25 AM

devozine, Magnetic Poetry devozine, Magnetic Poetry

All My Words Spring from You

Tanya Ferdinandusz

I love to play with them
and work with them.
playing one word against another,

12/09/18 at 01:05 PM

Words Hurt

Dillon Harris

People don’t understand that words hurt.
A racist comment makes me feel like dirt,
like I’ve been spat upon
by people who think they’re better than me.
They’re joking, maybe.
But their words leave…

12/03/18 at 11:42 AM

The Secret of Contentment

Lori Scott

It’s not that I don’t dream big dreams
or that I lack in self-esteem.
It’s not that I don’t strive for more
or kick ambition out the door.
It’s that no matter what…

11/25/18 at 01:17 PM

Living in God’s Presence

Jennifer Osborne, 21

Dear Lord,
Thank you
for wet grass,
for sweet chocolate,
for cool wind.

11/22/18 at 08:04 PM


Von Mitchell

I am a sinner saved by grace.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
I am dying outward daily.
My soul shall never fade.

From dust to keep me humble,
like him to give me…

11/12/18 at 11:38 AM

In Your Love

Adrian Agachi

I loved my grandma. She kept me in her arms
as you do when I am hurt.
I loved my grandpa. He used to chat with me
as you do when I…

11/02/18 at 03:31 PM

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