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New Youth Leader Resource

SEX: A Christian Perspective on our Bodies, Decisions, and Relationships is the first of a series of resources being developed by Young People’s Ministries (YPM), a division of the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) of The United Methodist Church, to provide youth with opportunities for safe, open conversation, while helping them explore biblical principles and learn about faithful decision-making.

This first resource of the series is intentionally aimed at early adolescents (6th, 7th and 8th graders), who are at the time in their lives when they typically begin to make their own decisions about sexuality. A high school version will be available soon.

SEX-DRbookcoverThis is a Leader Resource. There are reproducible handouts that are available to be used in sessions with the young people, but the resource is for leaders. Rather than a structured curriculum, it is more of a “cookbook” that helps churches design experiences that fit who they are as congregations. Throughout the resource, leaders are urged to take into account their own church’s theology and understanding of Scripture.

In addition, there will be some online training opportunities for this resource that begin this fall. By being a part of the training, leaders will gain access to a website that will have additional resources, including additional modules that churches can use and other resources that will be helpful for them in tailoring this resource to their situation.

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