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Prayer Beads

Youth 2019 Friends, it was great to see you in Kansas City! We hope the prayer beads you made in the Sacred Space will offer you a new way to focus your prayers and to connect with God.

prayer beadsSince the early church, many Christians have found beads to be a wonderful aid to prayer. Author Kristen Vincent explains why praying with beads is a favorite spiritual practice for her:

“For me, listening to God in prayer is the true gift of prayer beads. We desperately desire to hear the voice of God in our noisy, busy lives. The prayer beads help us step out of the chaos.

“We can take a short prayer or a short verse of scripture, such as “Fear not, for I am with you” (Genesis 26:24, RSV) or “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want” (Psalm 23:1, KJV) and repeat it with each bead. As we do, we shift our attention from the words and begin to listen for what God has to say to us.

“In the beginning, this style of prayer may seem awkward or uncomfortable. That is okay. If you stay with the practice, I can assure you that you will begin to feel calmer and realize a new way of connecting with God, an encounter with God’s love. Like Elijah, you will find God in the ‘sheer silence.'”*

—Kristen E. Vincent, A Bead and a Prayer

To learn more about using prayer beads, explore some of Kristen’s ideas and prayer practices or try one of the ideas below:

  • Try Prayer Beads by Mary Beth Vanlue
    I have discovered that prayer beads help me to become more aware of God’s presence in my life. If you want to try this prayer practice, here’s one way to make and use prayer beads.
  • Tangible Prayers by Zach Bechtold
    Often, my prayers become stale and impersonal, and I have trouble connecting with God. In these times, I have found that making prayer tangible helps me to pray bold, honest, God-honoring prayers.


*From page 75 of A Bead and a Prayer: A Beginner’s Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads by Kristen E. Vincent. Copyright © 2013 by Kristen E. Vincent. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

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