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What Can I Do?

Are members of your group suicidal or dealing with a friend or family member who is suicidal or who has committed suicide? You may be one of the few people with whom they feel comfortable talking about their questions or their pain.

If that makes YOU uncomfortable, dig into these resources so that you are equipped to offer the best advice and the wisest counsel.

  • My Friend Is Talking About Suicide” from TeensHealth is a great guide for teens and parents (or youth workers) about what to do, step by step, if a friend is suicidal.
  • Suicide,” another article from TeensHealth, explores why teens try to kill themselves and outlines the warning signs of suicidal behavior.
  • Suicide: What to Do When Someone Is Suicidal” was created for adults by the staff of the Mayo Clinic and includes questions to ask to determine if someone is in danger or not.
  • What If Your Friend Doesn’t Want to Live,” a devozine article written by a youth worker and therapist who works with youth and their families, offers you ways to help youth recognize the warning signs and respond in healthy ways if a friend  shares suicidal thoughts.
  • When a Friend Commits Suicide,” an article on, offers insights on what survivors might be going through and how to connect with them in their grief.


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