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Longing for Light

A Service for Students on the Longest Night of the Year

Youth Workers, can you think of any students for whom the holidays may not be the “most wonderful time of the year”?

12/06/18 at 11:39 AM

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Karin Mittman

On December 6, many countries in Europe celebrate the tradition of St. Nicholas. Every child cleans and polishes a shoe and places it outside his or her bedroom…

12/06/18 at 01:14 AM

devozinemag devozine

Lord, help me to be intentional with my words. Before I speak, let me think about how my words might affect another…

12/05/18 at 03:30 PM

Katy quote 1741879434 Katy quote 1741879434

The Power of Words

Katy Steele, 23

Everybody loves the local muffin shop. Not only are the pastries delicious, but the owner is a Christian,…

12/05/18 at 07:52 AM

devozinemag devozine

The next time you are about to speak, ask yourself: Would Jesus say these words? Will these words encourage and bui…

12/04/18 at 03:30 PM

Ryan Richards Ftr2 Ryan Richards Ftr2

Ryan Richards

Teen Advisory Board Member

What is your favorite way to express yourself?


“Through speech, The gift is speech is powerful!” —Ryan



Meet all the devozine Teen…

12/04/18 at 07:57 AM

devozinemag devozine

How can we use words to generate peaceful change in our schools, our workplaces, our communities, our country, and…

12/03/18 at 03:30 PM

Words Hurt

Dillon Harris

People don’t understand that words hurt.
A racist comment makes me feel like dirt,
like I’ve been spat upon
by people who think they’re better than me.
They’re joking, maybe.
But their words leave…

12/03/18 at 11:42 AM

Body Prayer FTR TSP 149451254 Body Prayer FTR TSP 149451254

Pray for God’s World

The Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

In the week ahead, offer prayers for the people of Myanmar and Thailand.



12/02/18 at 03:30 PM

devozinemag devozine

“Giant redwoods stretching from earth to heaven, spanning generation upon generation. People gazing, spellbound, in…

12/02/18 at 02:20 PM

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