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Please pray for all those who have sleepless nights either from worry, work, or sickness. Please pray for all those in hardship, poverty, or who cannot see the good in the world. Thank you.

04/30/20 at 04:42 PM


Corona victims and others that are sick.
Also the Healthcare workers.

04/30/20 at 04:40 PM


Please pray for all the youth as they navigate through these difficult times. Pray they stay strong, energized, and hopeful.

04/30/20 at 04:40 PM


I’d like to pray for everyone on the front lines in the pandemic and for people who are struggling from mental illness during this time. Also for people who need other medical treatments but can’t get them and for everyone struggling.

04/30/20 at 04:40 PM


Please pray for healthcare workers and first responders and small businesses.

04/30/20 at 04:39 PM


My prayer is that God heals the people who are suffering from the Coronavirus and saves those who do not yet know Him in the name of Jesus Christ, who still heals and saves today. He promises in Luke 21:19 that the reward for patience is the salvation of souls.

04/18/20 at 04:42 PM


My granddaughter needs healing for her knee and for some
health problem that has not been identified yet. My son and
his in-laws need financial deliverance.

02/17/20 at 04:44 PM

Common Prayer to God

Let’s All of us Pray today deeply to GOD for coronavirus, this pandemic that threatens all the world potentially! And all other possible, potential life-threatening diseases, that God will deter them from happening!! And also for wars, that God will prevent death of innocent people…and mainly children!

02/08/20 at 04:46 PM


OH Great Almighty God, Son of Yours glorified on Earth, against Death, give us the daily bread, and teach how to love first before sin, and not vice versa, as a victory against death.

02/04/20 at 04:47 PM


Prayers that I am able to continue to provide well for my family as my husband finishes school in the next few years

02/04/20 at 03:48 PM

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