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i have been struggling with things, and even though it might not seem like much, i just need help becoming closer with God. I feel like i’ve let him down and i just need some good chapters in the bible right now. and i have just got back into church and youth. but i need help becoming closer and every prayer counts. i just want to become closer with God <3 Thank you (:

08/12/12 at 12:03 AM


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  • anonymous says...

    Nothing is too small or too big for God. He cares about even the smallest of things! He knows how many hairs are on our head.( See Matthew 10:30 NIV) It is good to want to grow in your relationship with God. Don’t ever harden your heart to the Holy Spirit.
    One great thing about the Bible is that it speaks about a wide range of topics. For comfort, read Psalm 23. This is a good chapter to memorize and quote. For an example of how we should pray, read Matthew 6:9-13. I love to pray this prayer. I think it is beautiful. Saying scripture is comforting, especially when I feel afraid or disheartened. Praise God for Scripture!
    For an example of how we should love and what love is, read 1 Corinthians chapter 13. This is called the ‘love chapter’. If you’d like to read entire books of the Bible, try reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John first, then the rest of the New Testament. Take your time and really study it. After that, read the Old Testament. Take your time , don’t feel rushed or pressured, and enjoy and rest in God’s presence as you read and study His Word. Doing this and talking to Him in prayer should draw you closer to Him. You can go to God about any and every thing! Even though He knows everything, He still wants you to talk to Him about whatever you want. This is so wonderful! God cares about you(see 1 Peter 5:7). God will never leave you nor forsake you ( see Hebrews 13:5). God loves you. (See John 3:16) God loves YOU, Allie.

    08/13/12 at 01:41 PM

  • Erin says...

    I am also having trouble becoming closer to God. Even though I am struggling, I still try and remember my favorite chapter, Psalms 23. The Lord is always with us, even though it may not seem like it.

    08/22/12 at 10:58 AM

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