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My husband and I are missionaries/evangelists. We have a major problem with our middle son, who is 15 years old. We did everything we can but the more we try to reach out to him the more he clams up to himself. There are times he is sweet and happy but in his worse day, he’s angry and rebellious. I want to give up on him but I know it’s not gonna help him. I already give him to the altar and let God take care of him.

01/23/14 at 09:02 AM


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  • Veronica says...

    Today I chose to pray for you….I pray that your sons eyes would be open to you and your husbands love and also his heavenly Father’s love. Me being 15 myself, I know the struggle and frustration teens experience. Your son sounds a lot like a close friend of mine whose struggling in his relationship with his parents. Sometimes teens just need to be heard by their parents. Just need someone to listen to their side of life. A lot of parents think they’re listening when truthfully they’re not. Being a middle child can also be hard. Even though it’s such a small factor it can play a big role in lots of things. I pray that in this family struggle you can find His Peace and know that everything is in His hands. I’m only fifteen, but I felt led to respond to your prayer request. And one more thing…..Never give up on him. Whether he wants to admit it or not…He needs you.
    Love In Him,

    01/28/14 at 07:13 PM

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