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Please pray for me. I am getting over a 3-year breakup where toward the end I was physically abused. I feel so many different emotions, and I just want to run back to him because I feel like everything is my fault. I need God’s strength to move on and to accept that it is over and to know that I’m valuable.

08/20/17 at 03:16 PM


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  • Sj says...

    Dear friend, I’m praying with all my heart that this will be a good thing to get over for you. I know about the whole break up situation, it will ALWAYS get better. I promise. Never go back to someone who would do that to you, and I promise God will choose the right path for you. Have a lovely day friend. God bless you

    10/01/17 at 05:11 PM

  • Sara says...

    God values you. You belong to the Lord not someone who doesn’t care the same that you do for them. I value you. You are strong and can continue. Please continue in your faith , I believe in you. Gods also got your back. I got your back. You belong in this world with the bestest friends you can get. Live the way God tells you, and know that you can always cry to God. He’s listening to you no matter what. Never lose faith because God’s got your back. Hope is in front of you; you are cared for and loved God has his arms opened wide for you to run back into them. I’ve gotten in a break up but it wasn’t after 3 years. My heart really hurt. I can’t imagine what your going through. But God’s got your back and your loved. Just know that your parents are also probably accepting, and if they know that you have the faith for this wonderful God then they’re more than likely standing with their arms wide open waiting for you.

    In the love of our father,
    Child of God.

    01/18/18 at 02:26 PM

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