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Hey guys, I just wanted you to pray for a friend of mine. She’s not doing too well from what I hear. Her sister and I found out the other day that she wants to commit suicide, so I just ask you guys to pray for her and ask God to come into her life and change her heart. Thanks all!

02/29/12 at 10:35 AM


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  • Dany says...

    Hi, we’ve never met, and I can’t say that I understand what’s happening and how you feel about this. All I can do is stand with you in prayer and trust God to be with you. This is the first time I’ve read these prayer requests. I am 19 and just broke up with a girl I really loved and intended 2 marry. I thought I had the worst problem; but after reading prayer requests like yours, I realize I haven’t had the worst of it. Even though I live in Kenya, I believe there is no ceiling to the sky, probably God’s after your friend’s soul. I don’t even know what verse I can leave you with…..but i believe it will be fine. Pe@ce

    03/01/12 at 07:13 AM

  • Kate says...

    Please do anything you can to get her the help she needs. Tell her parents, or a trusted adult. I had a friend that threatened/attempted suicide. I told her parents against her will but they handled the situation and gave her the help she needed. She has even come to Christ. I am praying, as I’m sure others are. God Bless you, and don’t be afraid to get help, regardless of what she says.

    03/01/12 at 06:42 PM

  • Kalli says...

    prayers go through me, i understand i have been in the same situation with a friend. i am praying.

    03/02/12 at 02:14 PM

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