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Please pray for me. I’m struggling with some things that need to be out of my life. (lust, fantasies, and so on.) Pray that God will help me to overcome these sinful things and temptations. Also, will someone tell me honestly if masturbation is a sin? Thank you.

05/07/12 at 07:42 PM


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  • amy says...

    In the Old Testament, men were ‘unclean’ and couldn’t enter the holy temple for days after they masturbated. Jesus says we commit adultry if we lust. God is concerned with the condition of our heart. If we are lusting and being tempted if we do some action (masturbation), to me it doesn’t align with the ideals God has for us. They are ideals and they are nearly impossible, but we must purify and refine ourselves daily. Masturbation may not allow you to come closer to God if sex, lust, fantasies are your temptation. You may be acting on sinful desires. I sympathize with you, but ask yourself what takes you further from God and what brings you closer?

    05/08/12 at 02:15 AM

  • Erik says...

    This is between you and God. Pray and be open to listening and he will guide you to the right path.

    05/08/12 at 12:03 PM

  • Chelsey says...

    Thank you, amy and Erik.

    05/08/12 at 01:26 PM

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