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i feel lost in my faith. my faith is slipping and i don’t know how to stop it. im angry all the time, and i dont know why. i feel like im abandoning my family. I don’t want to go down the wrong path. God I need You. Please Help Me! I Dont Want to Leave You. I Need To Believe. Tell me how, God. i need you!!

08/22/14 at 08:58 AM


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  • Karen says...

    I just prayed for you Christine. I felt much of what you describe when I was 16. I talked to my dad (a pastor) about it and got mad at him when he told me to turn it over to God. I said, “I don’t know how.” And he said “Try.” That sent me into more tears. But I did try, and then I’d stop trying, and then I’d start trying again. The thing that helped me the most was going to college and having other friends who really cared about being real with God, who weren’t just content with words they didn’t mean. God will never stop reaching out to you, even if you’re having trouble feeling it right now.

    08/25/14 at 03:23 AM

  • anonymous says...

    Christine, read Psalm 91

    09/04/14 at 08:53 AM

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