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Please pray that my nine year old grandson will stop being bullied and his classmates will accept him. Thank you

03/14/13 at 12:47 PM


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  • chase says...

    Lord I just want to pray that you will put a stop to every child being bullied by everyone.

    03/16/13 at 06:56 AM

  • Pastor Al says...

    My Son was bullied from 3rd grade until 7th grade. He has always had a strong Faith, and as a parent, we want to walk in and fix everything, but this was when I couldn’t. I had to keep reminding him of who God was. He grew 7 inches between 7th and 8th grade. He is no longer bullied, and he still has some of the same crazy, goofy, silly friends he always has had, even though he is now on the football team. He has stayed true to the friends that stayed true to him. God will reveal himself, and it will be great. I pray that your grandson finds a way, an outlet to deal with those unfortunate enough to think that they need to bully.

    03/26/13 at 04:20 PM

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