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pray for me as i keep on sinning, i cant stop and at times i get scared

01/25/13 at 09:03 AM


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  • Cory says...

    Just keep up the good work. If God is with us who can be against us. If you keep resisting the devil he will back down. He may win here and there but in the end the final showdown it is God who is victor. Keep it up and as I pray for you I want you to know that Jesus can take that burden away. Turn to him and please don’t give up faith.

    01/28/13 at 01:26 AM

  • Cher says...

    Emms — God is with you … even when you stumble and sin. God hates sin, but he still loves us. God still loves you no matter how many times you sin. You cannot out-sin God’s love and protection. Try calling out to God when you feel pulled into the direction sin; call out to him when sin defeats you momentarily; call out to him even when you are in the process of sinning.

    He will hear. He will come. He will do the heavy lifting.

    All you have to do is open your heart to him and call on him.

    01/31/13 at 03:36 PM

  • chase says...

    just keep your chin up my friend and ask Jesus to take control of your life.

    02/02/13 at 01:10 PM

  • sophie says...

    We all sin at times even though we know God doesn’t want us to. I know God is happy that you are trying to do better, and he still loves you. I will be praying for you.

    02/04/13 at 01:25 PM

  • M says...

    It is okay. Sometimes we overcome hard paths. If you just keep on praying God will understand and satan will back down. Dont lead into temptation. You’ve got this, stay strong. I believe in you.

    02/07/13 at 07:18 AM

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