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I am on fire for God. I’m motivated, I’ve been on a mission trip, I go to church 3 times a week etc…. But yet I still struggle with my motivation to read the Bible. It’s a problem. Pray that I can keep myself on track please?

05/07/12 at 11:18 PM


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  • mary says...

    remember that everything you give to God, he cherishes. Being a strong christian isn’t about how many bible verses you can memorize. i also feel its the hardest thing to do. You feel that its old writing and although it seems ancient, its God’s words. We as humans, are never going to fully understand him. I will pray that you get closer to God through the bible. i hope you become closer to him every day.

    05/08/12 at 07:08 PM

  • Christi says...

    Stay on fire for God, Jackie. The Bible is a great way to get encouragement and advice; take a passage or a verse and reflect on it for a couple days or a week. That way you stay in your Bible, but it doesn’t become tedious.

    05/11/12 at 07:31 PM

  • Lillian says...

    Hello Jackie:) You sound like a beautiful and loving Girl:) I wish the best in you and keep up the good work of going to church and I will pray for u. You just gotta work hard and take it easy:) God bless you.

    05/13/12 at 06:13 PM

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