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I was secretly dating a boy for 1 year & 3 months. I got tired of lying so i told my parents. They did not approve so i told my bf and he said he would wait for me until i had permission to date. it’s been 3 months since we broke up and it hasnt been easy. i’ve been praying because i want to do the right thing this time, but my parents won’t even let me see him and they don’t like me talking to him. i’m trying to see their side but i can’t. any advice?

11/17/12 at 05:58 PM


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  • Mel says...

    ask if they would negotiate. see if they will have him over in front of them to get to know him. go slow

    11/20/12 at 07:47 PM

  • Chelsey says...

    You know what? True love waits. If it is God’s will and if the guy really likes you and you like him too, then God will work it out. TRUST GOD. I know it’s not that easy, but pray for strength. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. (See Philippians 4:13) PRAY PRAY PRAY AND SEEK GOD’S WILL FOR HE ALWAYS ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT’S BEST. I know it must hurt,but know that it’s ok to feel and cry. My uncle just told me the other day that I should be glad that I have a father who cares about what happens to me. The same can be true for you. IT IS A BLESSING TO HAVE PARENTS WHO CARE ABOUT YOU… I am no expert by any means nor do I know your parents, but maybe they’re trying to do what they think is best for you. Maybe you could talk to them and calmly and open-mindidly ask why they disapprove. Seriously consider their reasons. Then give your reasons of why you like him. If you don’t want to talk (I know talking with parents on stuff like dating is difficult), then start off with writing a note to them. Just know that God is in control of everything. Let Him work in your life, and ASK GOD what His will is for this relationship and situation. God Bless.

    11/26/12 at 06:09 PM

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