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i’ve done several unforgivable things over the past three months, all of which circled around my lying. i feel like i hurt many people in the process but overall i’ve hurt myself and betrayed God. i’m trying to overcome my sins so please pray for me.

09/09/12 at 05:49 PM


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  • David says...

    I’ll be praying for you. I struggle with the same things; I know you can overcome it with the help of God.

    09/10/12 at 09:14 PM

  • mike says...

    Now is the time to turn from your sin and let him rebuild you.
    Get in to his word every day and listen to what he is telling
    you, not what someone says he is telling you. i am praying for you

    09/11/12 at 08:57 AM

  • Shelly says...

    Kimberley, you are in my prayers. Remember to forgive yourself because you are loved. Your beauty shows because you have compassion. You acknowledged not only your hurt but others. The fact that you asked for prayers shows your strength. Continue to be strong.

    09/12/12 at 05:36 AM

  • Lindsay says...

    Nothing is un-forgivable. Because of what Jesus did, God forgives all our sins, just let him take away all the guilt. I’ll be praying!! :)

    09/16/12 at 06:32 PM

  • chase says...

    Do not be afraid. even I lied to my parents when I was 13 years old and it was until I started going to church and accepting Christ into my life. Just ask the Lord to forgive you.

    11/17/12 at 04:34 PM

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