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Hey, I really need some prayer. I love God so much, but I feel like I sometimes am wearing a mask. I am always trying to help others find God and label myself as a Christian, but I am making lots of mistakes and struggling with lust inside my heart. I want to be a good example and just feel burdened. God, please cleanse me of my sins and give me the strength to be strong and defeat sin. I want to be a man of God. Trying my best, but failing. Thanks!

10/13/12 at 07:18 PM


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  • neha says...

    Hey Michael, I don’t know you, but I’m struggling with the same thing. I feel like God will be disappointed in me, but I have feelings inside me and I’m making mistakes and I feel like I can’t talk to God about it. Then I feel like a fake Christian. I’ll be praying for you, may God make you strong in your faith. :)

    10/15/12 at 08:33 AM

  • Yesh says...

    Knowing that you are spiritually unhealthy is the sign that you are spiritually healthy. You know that “that” makes you unclean because God already reveals it to you. I have the same struggle as yours but I praise God that He covers my ears during temptation. Be reminded that an IDLE MIND is the DEVIL’S WORKSHOP. I pray that God will also cover your ears and eyes to the things earthly. Bless God. Grow more in faith :)

    10/19/12 at 01:35 AM

  • meh says...

    Sometimes what I’ve found helps with “that” is to remember that God’s Love isn’t lust. It’s just so much more and better and different from that, and if I read some Scripture and truly try to understand each word, then it distracts me until I realize that His love is even better and that His love is what I’m already chasing after–without lust.

    10/21/12 at 06:54 PM

  • chase says...

    My friend I pray that all your sins will be forgiven.

    11/17/12 at 10:12 AM

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