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I have a friend that I met at a christian camp this past summer. We used to talk about God and sing songs of praise to him. Now when I talk to my friend she says she doesn’t believe in God, she wants to commit suicide, and she says God doesn’t love her. I try to give her love like what God would do and talk to her about God, but then my friend tells me to get lost cuz she’s not going to believe that crap. Please pray that she will get to know God.

12/01/13 at 02:30 PM


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  • Nathan says...

    Hi there, Olivia! I’m sorry to hear about your friend :/ that’s really sad. Just you be praying for her and I’ll be praying for her and we will believe that it will work out, we will believe that God reaches down and grabs her with his strong hands and reminds her that he does love her, I don’t know the situation, you may not even know. But we do know one thing and that is that God is ALWAYS there, whether we realize it or not. He is there and he will answer our prayers, just be strong in faith for your friend as I will too and we will see God move in this situation right now in Jesus name, Amen. God bless.

    12/01/13 at 06:46 PM

  • Elizabeth says...

    Olivia, the greatest thing you can do is pray and be there for your friend like you are already doing. Someone from my church was struggling with thoughts of suicide and there came a point when I brought this to my youth leaders. I know that it is such a burden to bear when your friends are suffering! I’ll be praying.

    01/02/14 at 10:16 AM

  • meg says...

    I am praying for you and her. God is with you and her. Don’t lose faith.

    04/16/14 at 05:08 PM

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