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For Partners

That God will provide partners for my girls – JR and CV.

10/16/18 at 08:27 AM


Please pray that I will have the courage to offer my apology to my friend and that we can work together again, at least as classmates when we cannot resolve our misunderstadings.

10/08/18 at 07:23 AM


Please pray for the youth in my church that they can know right from wrong and follow God’s teachings.

09/30/18 at 04:43 PM


Please pray for my family that my brother will take the right path in life. Pray for D that he finds more friends. Pray for everyone to find peace in their hearts. Thank you.

09/30/18 at 04:42 PM


Please pray for some friends, and that they can find happiness and make good choices

09/30/18 at 04:41 PM


Please pray we will have the funds to send our daughter to college. We have come a long way but are short some with no way to get it. Bill final due is this week. Asking for guidance, peace in the Lord’s leading and the funds if it is His will.

09/30/18 at 04:40 PM


Please pray for me and my friends. We will be taking our licensure exams this November. Please pray that we’ll be guided as we study and take our exams. May our faith in God grow more as we continue our journey together.

07/20/18 at 08:27 PM

Edmund Krzeminski

O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall of prayer around the USA, Canada and Poland.

05/14/18 at 08:25 PM


Please pray for me and my mother to be able to make the bills and house payment. We struggle every month and I fear she is becoming depressed (she was diagnosed with depression many years ago ) and losing her faith.

03/19/18 at 08:36 AM


Please pray for me, my business has been slow and have been contemplating closing, its a bakery. Also remember to pray for me that I may constantly remember Christ’s finished work on the cross. Thank you.

03/13/18 at 08:06 AM

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