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My grandson is rebellious and using drugs. His mom and dad do not know what to do to help him make better decisions. I pray for a miracle for him and expect it to happen. Will you pray too?

04/05/16 at 08:14 PM


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  • megan says...

    I will pray for him

    04/17/16 at 06:10 PM

  • Bri says...

    Dear Phyllis,
    Tonight I pray for you & your family along with your grandson. Miracles do happen. Love him even harder with his mistakes. You are not alone.

    04/20/16 at 10:27 PM

  • Charlene says...

    I’ll pray for your grandson sir. I believe that God is merciful and has better plans for him.

    04/21/16 at 09:12 AM

  • Kayla says...

    I myself am going through something similar with my own parents (I would be the rebellious teenager). I encourage you to come alongside him and promise him that he is not alone. Remind him that He is here to fill a purpose that only he can fill. Remind him he is loved. Tell him that he isn’t broken beyond repair. Have him listen to the song “Mended” by Matthew West, or “Invisible” by Hunter Hayes. These songs helped to save my life. Remind him of the story of the Prodigal Son. You can only go so far before you finally decide to come back home. And never give up hope for that miracle. God won’t fail you, he never has, and he ain’t about to start now. My prayers are with all of ya’ll.

    05/06/16 at 08:10 PM

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