Spiritual Practice

Ask God Your Questions

devozine Questioning Teen2 TS 86540850When you pray, ask God questions. Your questions can actually help you grow closer to God.

But remember that prayer is not only talking to God; it is also listening for God’s response. Listen! You may be surprised by God’s answers.


Try It

Each day this week, read Matthew 7:7-8 to find encouragement to ask your questions and to search for the answers.

In the days and months ahead, keep a question diary. Each day, write down one question. The question can be about anything: God, the world, your family or friends. Leave some space after each question.

Every now and then, take a look back through your question diary. Have any of your questions been answered? stayed the same? changed? Write your reflections in the space after each question.


What are your questions for God?

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