Spiritual Practice

Attitude Checkup

Karen H. Whiting

Check your attitude. Then take action. Are you . . .

  • hurt? Praise God and other people. Praise changes your focus and helps you to appreciate life.
  • stressed? Set priorities; focus on one thing at a time. Learn to say no.
  • bitter? Forgive. Remember that people make mistakes, just as you do.
  • sorrowful? Talk to someone who will listen. Remember: God always listens.
  • happy? Smile; let your joy bubble over into the lives of other people.
  • tempted to do wrong? Fill your mind with good thoughts. Ask God to help.
  • lonely? Reach out to someone in love. Join in an activity that helps others.
  • covetous? Thank God for all that you have. Find a way to earn your own money and to reach your own goals.
  • jealous? Ask for forgiveness. List your talents, and accept yourself.
  • lazy or lacking purpose? Get a checkup; write a list of the things you will like to do, and start doing them.
  • hopeless? Remember that God believes in you. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to people who can help you to cope. Read scripture: Numbers 11:10–18; 1 Kings 19:1–8; Psalm 37:3–6.
  • energetic? Be active. Face your most challenging projects.
  • fearful? Relax. Trust in God. Try to understand what is causing your fears.
  • judgmental? Think of five reasons to compliment the person you are judging—even if that person is yourself.


PRAYER: God, help me to be content whatever my circumstances.

—from devozine (September/October 1998). Copyright © 1998by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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