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Kindra Mazzuca & Tynea Lewis

Kindra in scrubs Ftr IMG_6023During my senior year of high school, I went to South Africa on a medical mission trip. I had dreamed of being a nurse in the Third World, and this opportunity helped me to explore whether I could be a medical missionary for life. On the trip, I knew that God had created me to love and serve the people of South Africa. I wanted to go back as soon as I finished nursing school.

As I was raising funds for the trip, older people often asked if I was scared. I wasn’t ignorant of the risks; but I knew that no matter where I went, God was watching over me. After many prayers and long conversations, I realized that my whole life had been leading to this. God showed me that I was uniquely equipped to serve because I was young and unfettered by other commitments. I learned that when I trust God and answer God’s call, I can laugh in the face of fear.

You will call and I will answer you.
Job 14:15a (NIV)

If God opens a door for you to change the world, know that God has created you to walk through it.

—Kindra Mazzuca, 21


Kindra with SA kids 551504_3216376926687_1930400803_n copyTRUST GOD:

A call placed inside my heart
to change the world.
Others may doubt or criticize,
but I know where I need to keep my eyes.
Steadfast they stay on the one
who has a plan for my life.
Without God, I could not change the world.
Without God, my feet will leave no prints.

—Tynea Lewis

medical tent IMG_6128











Photos courtesy of Kindra Mazzuca

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