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Jessica Lippe, 24

Shiprah and Puah are two lesser-known heroes of the Bible. As midwives to the Hebrews in Egypt, these two women faced a tough decision. The Pharaoh, afraid that the Hebrews would overpopulate and overpower the Egyptians, commanded the midwives to kill any male Hebrew infants they delivered. Should Shiprah and Puah refuse the Pharaoh’s orders and risk losing their jobs and possibly their lives? Or should they follow orders and silently live with the guilt of murdering children?

Read the story of Shiprah and Puah in Exodus 1:15–22.

Once in a while, we all encounter a situation in which we’re forced to choose between one bad decision and another. In times such as these, I think back to Shiprah and Puah’s choice. They realized that, although both of their options seemed disastrous, God would guide them to the right decision. When they made the right choice to let the newborns live, the Lord blessed their work. Not only were they able to keep their jobs, but thousands of babies were saved as a result—including one who grew up to be the great leader Moses, whom God used to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.


THINK ABOUT IT: Shiprah and Puah’s tough decision changed history. What choices are you making? What will change because of your choices?

Jessica Lippe, 24

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