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Crossing the Street

Katy Steele, 23

“Imagine if Jesus only worked from eight to five.” I was sitting in the middle of a missionary’s living room in Nicaragua. It was month two of The World Race, my eleven-month journey to travel the world as a missionary, sharing the love of Jesus. Along the way, my team would serve in all of types of ministry in churches, orphanages, senior centers, special needs schools, and anti-sex trafficking organizations, to name a few. Just two months in, I knew that this year would be as much about God’s changing my heart as it was about my changing anyone else’s.

The Other Side of the Street

Rewind one month. The first stop on our route was Guatemala. We found ourselves 7,000 feet up in an indigenous mountain community called Santa Cruz del Quiche. Our entire squad of World Racers, 55 in all, was living at a missions base, serving in different ministries around the city. We had set up camp, literally pitched our tents, in a field at the missions base, right across the street from the local government hospital, where my team would serve for the month.

Katy at hospital DSC01745
Day and night, local Guatemalans gathered outside the hospital. Many had traveled long distances. Some were waiting to visit loved ones; others were waiting to get an appointment. We saw people there every day; and they saw us, going about daily errands, playing soccer, hanging clothes out to dry, worshiping, and playing guitars in the grass. People were always there—on the other side of the street.

Soup on a Saturday

Katy prayer FTR DSC02059We had seven more days in Guatemala when God laid something on our hearts: Love on those people; all you need to do is cross the street. So we spent our last Saturday cooking huge vats of food. We set up a table with chicken noodle soup and bread. We played worship music, invited kids to play soccer, and formed relationships. We walked around, sitting next to people on the ground, getting to know them, and praying with them. We joined in prayer with people who were weeping over lost ones, who were desperately needing a miracle. We even saw Jesus do miracles that day; two women who were experiencing pain felt better after a group of us laid hands on them and prayed for God’s healing.

Saturdays were our days off. Usually we spent them catching up on personal time and resting, but here we were in the middle of something much better. As I stepped back and took it in all in, I realized that ministry isn’t eight to five; ministry is a way of life.

We’re All Missionaries

God is teaching me that our lives are meant to be lived as mission trips. All God’s children are missionaries because we carry the message, the love, the joy, and the peace of Jesus Christ in our hearts. Being in mission isn’t only about going to another country or a faraway place. Sometimes it’s as simple as crossing the street.



What’s your view on missions? Ask God, “What streets do you want me to cross to share Jesus’ love?” Ask God to give you everyday opportunities to show people who Christ is.

Katy Steele, 23 , is continuing her journey on The World Race. Discover what country she’s in and what new things God is teaching her at

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