Spiritual Practice

From Dust to Flowing Fountain

Rachel Thomson & Trevin Engram

devozine Lectio Divina TS 97648012This may sound like a stereotypical Christian thing to say, but I love the Bible. I couldn’t always say that.

For a long time, I found the Bible to be boring and dry as dust. It was my favorite book to fall asleep over.

So what has altered my opinion of the Bible? For one thing, I’m trying to understand what it means. I used to read it to discover what the passage meant to me. But now, I try to figure out what God was saying to the original readers. I take time to look up words I don’t understand and to cross-reference themes and concepts. I also put the Bible to use. I try to obey what it says. I pray passages of it, sing parts of it, and record verses in my journal.

Your word to me, your servant,
is like pure gold;
I treasure what you say.
Psalm 119:140 (CEV)

Sometimes I still struggle to stay focused while reading long passages; but the Bible has become an old friend who constantly surprises me with insight, comfort, and truth. My new approach to reading scripture has certainly turned dry-as-dust into a flowing fountain.

—Rachel Starr Thomson


devozine Bible Reading Guy TS 137299797REFLECT: My grandmother always urged me to find the pages to live by in life. I was a troubled teenager and sought faith and attention in the wrong places, until I found in the Bible the plan God had for me. Within these pages are scriptures to cool burns, to bandage bruises, and to heal every scar. As I began to live by these words, I was able to view life through a new lens and was inspired to become the best I could be.

—Trevin Engram, 17

—from devozine (September/October 2011). Copyright © 2011 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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