Spiritual Practice

Escaping Your Comfort Zone

Taylor Gerlach, 17

Tayor-inner city outreach in New Orleans2Stepping out of your comfort zone can be powerful. I have found that leaving my preconceived opinions at home allows me to be more open-minded and to make meaningful connections with people without worrying what they will think of me. In the same sense, leaving behind typical comforts, such as makeup or my favorite shoes, has helped me to feel more genuine.


Taylor building house in Belize2 DSCN0688


How do we escape our comfort zones? One way is to go on a mission trip to another town or country to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ. If you want to start more simply, set aside the possible awkwardness and say hello to the police officer helping you cross the street. If that’s already second nature, search online for an organization through which you can volunteer in your community, perhaps working with disabled children or senior citizens. Find an activity that makes you think, “I could never do that!” Then prove yourself wrong. Hit the road, physically or theoretically, and find ways to escape the confines of your comfort zone.


Sing a new song to the Lord!
Psalm 96:1a (CEV)

PRAYER: Lord, please grant us the confidence and boldness to explore and to serve your world beyond our comfort zones. Amen.

Photos courtesy of Taylor Gerlach

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