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We asked what apps you use to practice and to deepen your faith, and you told us about apps for . . .



Bible Inspirations offers me daily scripture verses and amazing photos. I’ve set them to arrive at 6:35 every morning so that as soon as I wake up, I can read a Bible verse. It helps me start my day off right. —Kiera Suffel, 18


D365 provides daily reflections for young people on relevant topics, encouraging them to “pause, listen, think, pray, and go,” as well as background music and access to an archive of devotions.


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The Word for Today
, from the UCB Radio Network in Australia, allows you to listen to a daily devotion or to search for one by topic, to read the Bible or to listen to an audio version, to send in prayer requests, to watch videos, and more. —Johannes Knijnenburg




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The Centering Prayer app invites you to deepen your relationship with God through a method of silent prayer. The adjustable timer, sound options and opening and closing prayer options allow you to craft your time of silence. For me, it’s an opportunity to be, not do, and to listen, not talk. It’s personal and personalized. —Tia Runion


iPause invites you to pause and pray by tracing the path of a labyrinth. Choose one of six labyrinth designs and select music from your own library, if you like, as you take a break from the world to pray. ($1.99)





YouVersion Bible Appbible_app

I use the YouVersion app to read and reflect on the verse of the day. — Katherine Harris, 19

YouVersion also offers lots of Bible versions in many languages. My favorite feature is the list of reading plans that suggest chapters or verses to read in order to complete one book or the entire Bible or to dig into a specific topic. — Jacob Lancaster, 17


helps you memorize scripture. A friend just told me about this app, and I can’t wait to use it! You can pick a memory plan for your favorite version of the Bible, add your own verses, test yourself, and track your progress. — Haley Meister



is a social app for engaging with scripture. Join in the conversation to find out what others think, to share your own thoughts and experiences, or to ask questions you would like to have discussed. — Johannes Knijnenburg



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Pinterest is a great app for finding Bible verses and inspirational quotes. Project Inspired‘s page often has great ones! —Mikaela Fox

Tumblr logo copyWebsites such as PinterestTumblr, and even Twitter have helped me come across some of my favorite Bible verses, which have helped me get through a lot of difficulty in my life. —Ashley Oliver




I don’t have a bible app yet but I do have the iHeart radio app. I use this app to create my custom Christian playlist. Whenever I feel upset or am in need of a faith reminder I turn on this playlist and instantly feel better. Music is my most effective and favorable way to worship God. —Torie Seagraves


Spotify and Pandora have some great worship and praise music playlists. That’s where I’ve come across some of my favorite worship songs! Music really helps you get intimate with God, and the lyrics can truly overwhelm you with how great Gods love is. —Ashley Oliver


Songza app icon copyI like using the Songza app for music when I’m doing my Bible study or meditation. It has a bunch of pre-made playlists such as Top Worship Songs or Top Christian Hits. And it has all kinds of soothing sounds perfect for meditating or quiet time. —Mikaela, TAB Member





FaithTalk Apps provide great conversation starters to help friends, families, even new acquaintances talk about faith, strengthen relationships, explore meaningful practices, and have fun doing it! (Vol. 1–3, $2.99 each) — Darren Wright



TAOC App Icon copy


TAOC (The Art of Conversation) has a Christian conversation app, but the other apps and conversation cards are also fun ways to get people talking about faith, food, travel, good books, and more. —Darren Wright






One app that I recently started using is Soul Revolution. It is an app that sends a Bible verse and short challenge on the hour twelve times a day. I personally love it, Soul Revolution requires me to consider what I am doing to serve God throughout the day instead of only during my morning and night devotions. I have began to make better use of my time and I regret less of my actions, or lack of action, at the end of the day. —Haley Meister




What apps remind you to pray or to read scripture? Which ones help you to practice talking about your beliefs or living out your faith? Join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or this week; and let’s help one another grow closer to God as we seek to live what we believe.

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