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We asked what apps you use to practice and to deepen your faith, and you told us about apps for . . .



Bible Inspirations offers me daily scripture verses and amazing photos. I’ve set them to arrive at 6:35 every morning so that as soon as I wake up, I can read a Bible verse. It helps me start my day off right. —Kiera Suffel, 18


D365 provides daily reflections for young people on relevant topics, encouraging them to “pause, listen, think, pray, and go,” as well as background music and access to an archive of devotions.




devo direct texts a daily quote, Bible verse, or reflection question to your phone. Text SUB to 615-970-7255 to sign up for these “devos on the go” from devozine.


, the digital version of devozine, allows you to do devos on your phone, tablet, or computer — wherever you are. Add the icon to your home screen so that the site functions like an app. And sign up for daily or weekly text alerts that help you build your devo time habit.



iPause invites you to pause and pray by tracing the path of a labyrinth. Choose one of six labyrinth designs and select music from your own library, if you like, as you take a break from the world to pray. ($1.99)


Common Prayer
, an app created by Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, invites you to join daily with people around the world in offering common prayers and exploring recommended scripture passages and devotions. ($9.99) —Darren Wright



YouVersion Bible App

bible_appI use the YouVersion app to read and reflect on the verse of the day. — Katherine Harris, 19

YouVersion also offers lots of Bible versions in many languages. My favorite feature is the list of reading plans that suggest chapters or verses to read in order to complete one book or the entire Bible or to dig into a specific topic. — Jacob Lancaster, 17


helps you memorize scripture. A friend just told me about this app, and I can’t wait to use it! You can pick a memory plan for your favorite version of the Bible, add your own verses, test yourself, and track your progress. — Haley Meister



is a social app for engaging with scripture. Join in the conversation to find out what others think, to share your own thoughts and experiences, or to ask questions you would like to have discussed. — Johannes Knijnenburg





FaithTalk Apps provide great conversation starters to help friends, families, even new acquaintances talk about faith, strengthen relationships, explore meaningful practices, and have fun doing it! (Vol. 1–3, $2.99 each) — Darren Wright



50 Ways to Share Your Faith encourages you to live what you believe and to talk about it. This 50-week journey will inspire you with real-life stories and ideas for sharing your faith in everyday moments. — Darren Wright


What apps remind you to pray or to read scripture? Which ones help you to practice talking about your beliefs or living out your faith? Join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or this week; and let’s help one another grow closer to God as we seek to live what we believe.

And check out a few MORE FAITH APPS . . .


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