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David McCoy, 16

Temptation never seems to go away, and old habits are hard to break. The kings who came to power after King Solomon made the same mistakes over and over again. Reading 2 Kings, I realized that my habit of falling into the same old sins was not unlike the struggles of these ancient kings. In every generation, another king would fall into corruption and sin and would allow the people to worship other gods. Zechariah, for example, “did evil in the eyes of the Lord, as his predecessors had done” (2 Kings 15:9a, NIV). Generation after generation, the people worshiped foreign gods because no ruler was brave or righteous enough to end the idolatry. Eventually, God put an end to the kingdom.

There is no one who does not sin.
1 Kings 8:46b (NIV)

People who cannot stop committing the same old sins bring about their own destruction. What can we do to avoid the same fate as the kings of Israel? We can pray for strength and courage to avoid the lure of idols and the situations that tempt us to sin.


LEARN SOMETHING NEW: Without reading an entire book of the Bible, I never would have discovered the sinful patterns of these kings, which helped me to reflect on my own life. Be adventurous! Explore parts of the Bible you’ve never read or carefully reread familiar sections to find something new.

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