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Get Practical: How to Be a Blessing

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devozine Study Partners FTR TS 149401836Be a Friend

Everyone needs to know that somebody cares. Throughout each day, look for ways to be a friend to other people. Pick up a book that falls, or offer to help with homework. Encourage someone to make a new friend. Be nice to a sibling. You never know what a kind word or deed will do.

—Rachel Woodrume

Give One Hour

Devote one hour a day to doing random acts of kindness. Help someone at the grocery store to reach an item on a high shelf. Open doors. Volunteer in your local soup kitchen. Clean out your closet and donate clothes. Share your favorite scripture with someone. How will you spend an hour?

—Michelle Ankrum, 17

devozine, Boy WritingUse Your Talents to Help Others

God has given me a passion to write, so I try to use my passion to help other people. I also try to make a difference by having a positive attitude—thanking my bus driver or asking the cafeteria workers how they are. How can you use your passions or talents to help others?

—Heather Mead, 24

Be a Listener

Once I learned to talk less and to listen more, I noticed that more people talked to me about their problems. Often I would give them a Bible verse or tell them about God’s love. Soon lots of people were coming to me with their stories and problems. Even non-believers began to ask about God, and I listened. Often they said that my willingness to listen and to care gave them hope that God was looking out for them. Who needs you to listen?

—Sarah Jones, 16

Gracie as a puppy 409689_10151056773124643_25471747_nHouse or Pet Sit

Last year, I accepted a dog-sitting job from one of my neighbors. Gracie, the dog, was eighteen years old; and her mobility was very limited. I asked God for patience and tenderness to care for Gracie and to help her move around the house. Gracie died shortly after that, and I hope my help gave my neighbors time to say their goodbyes to her.

—Rachel Harris, 17

Take a Vacation to Serve

If you love to travel, go where you can spend time helping someone else. Visit your grandmother and help her organize her house. Locate a soup kitchen or homeless shelter wherever you plan to go, and volunteer some of your time there. Take a mission trip with your youth group; have an awesome time together serving people in need and growing closer to one another and to God.

—Kate Underwood

Friends FTR TS 86521081Be Willing to Receive a Blessing

Last year, I was very angry with God. I questioned my faith and went searching for answers. In the process, God led me to a girl whose faith was strong, and we became close. She taught me that I am never alone and eventually helped me become the faithful person God wanted me to be. Whom has God sent into your life as a blessing?

—Grant Marquardt, 15



Ask for God’s Help

“I want a blessing”
is often the attitude of my heart.
Today, God, I hear you whispering,
“Be the blessing.”
Rearrange my heart, so that giving
becomes more important
than receiving.
Help me to be more
like Jesus, who blessed people
and never looked for a blessing for himself.
Open my eyes to see what others need
rather than what I want.
You have blessed me in so many ways.
Help me to be like you—always eager
to bless others and to bring them joy.
Help me to see that being a blessing
is what will bring deep joy to my heart.

—Elaine Creasman

—from devozine (September/October 2015). Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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