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Charion Linwood & Jordan McCubbin

Growing up, I never had to worry about being “too gifted.” No matter what I did, someone else was always more talented than I was. If I wanted to be an artist, a scholar, or an awesome athlete, I was always second best (well, except for the athlete part—I am not athletic). At one point, I began to feel worthless, completely useless. But over time, I have learned that I can’t compare myself to other people because God made each of us different. I know that I am not Leonardo da Vinci, but I’m fine with that because I know God gave me the gifts I have. We all are unique. God gave you gifts that I can only dream of having—and the same is true of me. According to God, we are all exceptionally gifted.

—Charion Linwood, 20


Each has a particular gift from God, one having one kind and another a different kind.
1 Corinthians 7:7b (NRSV)

REFLECT: We look at people who seem to excel at everything, and we feel jealous or angry. Often, we wonder, Why couldn’t that be me? But if we look closely enough, we’ll see that these people are a lot like we are. God created each of us with particular gifts and talents; no one else is exactly like us. And God loves us all. So the next time you look in the mirror, say with confidence, “I am the best me I can be, and God loves me.”

—Jordan McCubbin, 17

—from devozine (March/April 2016). Copyright © 2016 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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