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Alyssa Pauline Rivera, 24

Alyssa and Mom IMG_1490I wasn’t at home the night Mom was robbed and shot. Several hours later, my siblings and I arrived to face the biggest trial we have known—the loss of our mother. No words were able to comfort us.

My mom raised us alone. I always drew strength from her; so when she died, I kept asking, What do I do now that the source of my strength is gone?


The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
Psalm 28:7a (NIV)

The Lord is good and finds us when we are lost. Since mother’s passing, our aunt has taken care of us. She is a single woman, close to sixty, and my mother’s closest relative. She has a strong faith and devotes her time to the church. Seeing how she helps us, without asking anything in return, makes us want to give back to her and to take care of her when she retires. I think maybe this is part of God’s plan.

Alyssa and Mom at Graduation IMG_2326


I have also learned to be responsible, something my mother taught me well. She once said to me, “I could die any time without worry because you are a strong lady!” After Mom died, I started to draw my strength from a new source—from God, who promises never to leave me or forsake me.


PRAY: Who are the people who have given you love, confidence, and strength? Thank God for them.

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